I’m 20 and I’m playing a giant fucking pink cat god with four arms from a children’s show

this is not what I had in mind to do during my college life


Now dance, fucker, dance
Man, he never had a chance
And no one even knew
It was really only you



"WHAT THE-?!" The sword was in his hands, he was out of his seat, the minute that…. THING appeared.


The jovial god laughed at Battler’s reaction.


"I’m Ecaflip, god of luck and all that entails. I’ve heard a lot about you so I decided to peek out of my world for a bit to meet the famous Battler."



And he’s just sitting in the chair, enjoying some rich wine. Trying to de-stress himself as best as he can.

"Eh heh heh~! Enjoying some wine, mister Golden Sorcerer?"

The catgod poofed out of nowhere in a burst of pink smoke.

I never noticed it before but Ecaflip(One of the muses here, he’s basically a cat-god of luck) has a cowlick

                                              I’msorry I couldn’t protect you.

» Jou Jaku Tropes


A God I Am: The .Exe in Jou knows this.

Alternate Name: Jaku Kuri

Anti-Hero: He used to work for the Red Dragon Clan, and even before that he tried to make a sacrifice to Madoka using his own daughter. Being said, he doesn’t like it.

Arc Words: “I am only human.”

Handicap Baddass: Jou’s blind as a bat, but has various forms of weapons that grant back sight and spell trouble towards his foes.

Shout Out/One Of Us: He plays “Harvester” and other gory violent games in order to understand the criminal psyche. As such, he’ll use a Baseball Bat towards Violet.

Humanoid Abomination: He tortured his own daughter as a sacrifice towards the embodiment of hope.
->Tortured Abomination: What happened however was him being killed by his own daughter…

Brown Note: He will laugh EXACTLY like Madoka upon turning into the .EXE mode.

Driven To Suicide: Jou’s wife harbors remorse towards him, and comes along as a astral Bloodlin Valkyrie with the power to cause suicidal emotions to override the people she touches.

Gone Horribly Wrong: His actions made the only one capable of truly killing Madoka.

Super Speed: He can outrun Madoka’s arrows, for instance…

Hidden Depths: Cruel Monster who uses Powered By A Forsaken Child is really a broken man

Creepy Cool Crosses: Was the pope in his past life.

Weapons Of Choice: Jou uses his shotgun, two daggers, and a Excalibur forged from the tarkarken steel. Originally he used a whip that can seal one’s existence towards hope itself.

» Muse List~!

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Mary took Eris’s advice, still completely clueless on what was going on and drank the entire kettle until it was empty. She sat it on the table, feeling really bad now. Her entire stomach felt like it was becoming more and more…wait, was she…smoking.

Mary violently erupted into a fit of coughs and chokes with how little air she was able to get, falling out of her chair and onto the floor, taking her tea cup with her. She looked at Eris with desperation in her eyes, trying to utter one word whilst she choked. “H-help…”

"Hmm, alright." She snapped her fingers and the fire burned a hole through her stomach, leaking some of the smoke through the hole and giving her some of the air. Eris then begun to concentrate and then sealed up the hole, only to open another one on the girl’s body. This time it was bigger.

"There ya go, sweetie~! I’m sure you’ll feel better~!"